About Us

More than 20 years ago we began with a mission: to create products from recyclable plastics that could then be recycled again. We wanted to get plastics out of landfills and water systems and close the gap on recycling plastic materials.

We started designing a variety of parts and products with the idea of incorporating these recyclable materials. Soon our innovative product development and designs took off! We expanded into manufacturing other products that make efficient use of resources and recycled materials whenever possible and evolved into a family of companies – Pride Polymers, Meyer Plastics, Tamarack Industries, and Railube.

In our 20th year in business, we brought the four companies together under a common vison and one company name: Tamarack Industries, LLC.

Our name is inspired by the North American larch tree, the tamarack, which lives for generations and self-regenerates each year. This is an apt analogy for our approach to the manufacturing process – to be self-sustaining, long lasting, and beneficial to the environment.

Our Commitment to the Environment

We are deeply committed to creating premium and innovative products that are forward thinking, environmentally sustainable, and recyclable. We honor this commitment by:

  • Using PET plastics, which take less energy to produce than other packaging materials and emit less air and water pollution
  • Creating sleek and efficient designs that take up less shipping space, allowing for the ability to safely ship more product in a single trip, reducing fossil fuel use
  • Prioritizing the use of recycled materials whenever possible in all our products
  • Working with our clients to educate their customers on the environmental benefits of plastic and recycling