Our Story

Tamarack History

Over 20 years ago, we wanted to start a company that could manufacture parts from recycled plastics that would help complete the necessary cycle for recycling. Innovative products were designed around the idea of incorporating the use of these recyclable materials. 

As we continued to find success in our product development, we expanded into the use of other products that can bring efficiencies to the marketplace and try to use recyclable materials whenever possible. 

We have always tried to maintain this tenet as an important part of our mission and vision. 

Eventually, we found we had evolved into a family of companies with a common vision – Pride Polymers, Meyer Plastics, Tamarack Industries and Railube. 

On our 20th year, we felt it was time to consolidate the different divisions and streamline our operations into one single entity. We want to have a clear vision that describes our goals for the next 20 years.

Inspired by the way a tamarack, with all its glory, regenerates itself each year; we felt that was a perfect descriptive of how we approach our manufacturing process. It is our hope to be able to share with all of our partners our desire to, not only create innovative products, but to also create forward thinking products in both sustainability and recyclability as well.